Ravinia Festival - One Score One Chicago

For several years, I was the principal designer of the Ravinia Festivel website, and one of the most creative elements I was able to work on was the One Score, One Chicago feature. This was a stand-alone website within the Ravinia website featuring music, animation and more. To create this website, I was given a printed brochure, the music files, and vector illustration files for the children's section. From these raw materials, I created this entire website. Of particular interest is the children's activity section, where I was able to utilize Flash to bring the vector illustrations to life.

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European Sojourns

European Sojourns wanted a website that was reminiscent of vintage travel posters.
I created all the photo illustrations for each page of this website, then used them to build the website.

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Musical Hope

The Charity Musical Hope wanted a website that read like a printed brochure. Using a third party Flash Actionscript template, I was able to deliver what they wanted. (Note: This website has been retired, so note that some of the links that link outside of the website are no longer active.)

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The Intellimmercial

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FLY Trailer

Eyetopia Design website

In 2002, I created this fully interactive website for my company, Eyetopia Design.

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Chris Carey & Co.

Chris Carey is a Chicago architect who specializes in projects for no less than 1 million dollars. In 2008, I designed a website for him that he still uses today.

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Times Three

Times Three is a vocal trio that sings music from the 1940s... a modern day Andrews Sisters. They wanted an indentity system for their collateral materials that was simple and clean, and not at all flowery. I created an entire identity system for them that translated seamlessly from their printed materials to their website.

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"Randal Huiskens did a wonderful job on our website.  He was able to offer us a variety of navigation and presentation options to suite the needs of our performing arts group and create a design that carried over into our printed materials.  We have needed to make additions and changes to the website and the design he did for us has proved flexible as we have added sound and video samples.  Randal is very professional and we have been very happy with the work he has done for us."
Amy Ellen Anderson for Times Three